WebSocket Server Terminal

WebSocket Server Terminal

The WebSocket Server plugin is the server-side counterpart of WebSocket Client. It is used to accept incoming WebSocket connections, thus turning IO Ninja into a highly configurable raw WebSocket server-side terminal.

WebSockets are widely used in modern web programming. They allow two-way communication between a browser and a server as opposed to the traditional HTTP request-response pattern. This helps building modern web applications in a much more natural, flexible, and efficient way.

Unfortunately, there are not so many tools available for debugging raw WebSocket connections. What if you want to see how your WebSocket client in a browser responds to an malformed packet? Or trigger certain events in your web-app by sending server notifcations with a mouse click?

The WebSocket Server plugin fills the existing gap. With it, IO Ninja can be used for convenient GUI-based debugging of raw server-side WebSocket connections.

  • Use the whole range of IO Ninja logging and transmitting capabilities;
  • Both secure and insecure WebSockets are supported.
  • The whole range of configurable server-side SSL options is available for secure WebSockets;
  • Select between WebSocket text or binary frames — automatically or manually;
  • Send WebSocket pings manually;
  • Control low-level TCP options (Nagle, TCP RST, keep-alives).

The WebSocket Server plugin allows you to accept and maintain multiple incoming connections at the same time. You can select which client to talk to, and if the log gets too messy — apply a filter and leave only the conversation with a particular client while hiding everything else.