UDP Flow Analyzer

UDP Flow Analyzer

Requires: com.ioninja.layer org.jancy.io.net
Status: ENABLED (all requirements are satisifed)

The UDP Flow Analyzer plugin is the layer version of UDP Flow Monitor. It can be attached on top of Pcap Sniffer or Ethernet Tap to post-process the captured log and convert the low-level packet view into the high-level data flow representation.

The UDP Flow Analyzer plugin allows you to concentrate on the data exchange between the UDP nodes, without digging into the details hidden deep down the protocol stack. For example, some UDP/IP datagrams may be fragmented, so the payload in raw packets will not be the same as payload seen by the application. It also means that filtering by UDP port number on raw packets is unreliable.

The UDP Flow Analyzer plugin takes care of these low-level details and provides you with a clean log of UDP conversation just like the one produced by UDP Socket plugin.

The UDP Flow Analyzer plugin allows you to follow multiple UDP conversations at the same time. If the log gets too messy — apply an address filter and leave only a particular conversation while hiding everything else.