J-Link RTT Terminal

J-Link RTT Terminal

Requires: org.jancy.io.net
Optional: org.jancy.io.ip4 org.jancy.io.ip6 org.jancy.io.tcp
Status: ENABLED (all requirements are satisifed)

The J-Link RTT plugin is an advanced terminal for the SEGGER's J-Link RTT interface. Briefly speaking, J-Link RTT is a technology for high-performant two-way communications between a target microcontroller and debugger software on a PC.

While the standard SEGGER's J-Link software package already includes three clients for RTT communications (J-Link RTT Viewer, J-Link RTT Logger, J-Link RTT Client), the J-Link RTT plugin for IO Ninja provides multiple advantages:

  • Ability to view the data in hex-view mode and various encodings;
  • Conveniently search for patterns inside the captured data;
  • Filter and post-process the captured data using scripts;
  • Calculate local throughput and checksums;
  • Transmit binary packets to the microcontroller;
  • ...and so on.

This plugin is powered by the IO Ninja technology, so all features of the IO Ninja platform can be used here, too.

Before establishing a USB connection to your J-Link debug probe, be sure to specify a path to the J-Link shared library (JLinkARM.dll / JLink_x64.dll / libjlink.so / libjlink.dylib) which is a part of the standard SEGGER's J-Link package.