Serial MI Dump Viewer

Serial MI Dump Viewer

Status: ENABLED (all requirements are satisifed)

It's not always possible — or desirable — to use the Serial Monitor plugin when capturing the serial traffic on a headless device (such as your favorite Raspberry Pi). In many cases it may be much more convenient to start Device Monitor directly from your normal SSH connection and then capture a dump of serial communications in the --mi (machine interface) mode (supported in tdevmon version 3.3.2 and up):

# build tdevmon.ko...

# load tdevmon.ko...
$ sudo insmod tdevmon.ko

# capture serial traffic...
$ sudo tdevmon --mi --monitor /dev/ttyUSBS0 > ttyUSBS0-dump

On a Windows machine, everything is similar (although, you don't need to build tdevmonc.sys here):

> tdevmon --mi --monitor com1 > com1-dump

After that, you can grab the resulting dump file (i.e., ttyUSBS0-dump or com1-dump) and open it in IO Ninja using this Serial MI Dump Viewer plugin for further analysis.