TX Modifier

TX Modifier

Requires: com.ioninja.layer
Status: ENABLED (all requirements are satisifed)

The TX Modifier plugin allows you to alter the outbound packets in the following ways:

  • Add prefix
  • Add suffix
  • Re-transmit N times with the specified interval
  • Insert inter-character delays

When specifying prefixes/suffixes, you are free to use any of the C-escape characters — including the non-standard \e for the ESC character (ASCII code 1B) and \u for Unicode code points. That means, you can define arbitrary byte sequences, for instance: abc\r\ndef\x01ghi\u2122

Being a layer plugin, TX Modifier can work with ANY underlying non-read-only session. On the screenshot below you can see a Serial session which uses the TX Modifier plugin to append the prefix \x02 and suffix \r and re-transmit the packet with a 1-second interval.