Introductory Slides

Documentation Resources

Introduction (PDF)

This presentation provides a brief introduction to the most prominent features of IO Ninja.

Hardware Manual (HTML)

This reference describes the hardware equipment for IO Ninja (i.e. Ethernet Tap, Serial Tap, I2C/SPI Tap).

Hardware Manual (PDF)

This is a PDF rendition of the above online HTML manual (for downloading and printing).

User Manual

This manual describes how to use out-of-the-box IO Ninja functionality.

Developer Manual

A developer's guide on extending IO Ninja with custom plugin scripts written in the Jancy language.

Knowledge Base

A set of articles with the solutions to known issues with IO Ninja.

Legal Documents


A public copy of IO Ninja end-user license agreement license.txt included with every installation package.

Privacy Policy

A public copy of IO Ninja privacy statement privacy.txt included with every installation package.

GitHub Resources

Feel free to inspect, fix and update the official IO Ninja plugins.

Use this public issue tracker to report bugs, suggest new features and discuss the further development of IO Ninja.