Mailslot Monitor

Mailslot Monitor

OS: Windows

Under Microsoft Windows, applications, services and drivers sometimes perform IPC (inter-process communications) using mailslots. The problem is, there are no well-known tools to sniff/monitor mailslot communications, making it rather difficult to debug.

The Mailslot Monitor plugin is the missing piece of the puzzle - it lets you see what data messages are being delivered to the mailslots.

It may be necessary to somehow filter only the mailslot you are interested in. Mailslot Monitor plugins lets you do that by specifing a mailslot name wildcard - you will only see the messages being delivered to the mailslots with matching names.

Device Monitor Service

The key component of monitors (such as Serial Monitor, Pipe Monitor, etc) is the Device Monitor service. This service consists of a kernel-mode module intercepting requests from applications to the specified devices and a user-mode configuration utility.

Installation and proper configuration of the Device Monitor service is a stumbling point for many users. Please follow these KB (knowledge base) articles for more information: