Replay Log

Replay Log

Requires: com.ioninja.layer
Status: ENABLED (all requirements are satisifed)

The Replay Log layer plugin replays TX/RX records from a log file with respect to timestamps, thus preserving time intervals between packets.

This is just great for when you need to repeat specific testing sequences! Let's imagine you are sending a bunch of different commands to a serial device attached to a COM port on your PC. Later on, you want to reproduce this command sequence with another device (and maybe, on another machine) — as close as possible, including the timing. Time intervals between commands are often time crucial (perhaps a device need some time to process a specific command — for example, to reboot).

With this plugin, everything becomes as easy as it gets. Produce the required sequence of commands and replies and save it into a .njlog file. Then, whenever you need to replay it — add this Replay Log layer plugin, choose the .njlog file and click the Play button! Voila!

You can use different session plugins when capturing and replaying command sequences. For example, you can capture communications with Serial Tap and then replay it from the Serial plugin. Or capture with TCP Flow Monitor and replay with TCP Connection. Well, you've got the idea.

You can even select which packets to include into replay (TX, RX, or both).