TCP Terminal

TCP Terminal

Status: ENABLED (all requirements are satisifed)

The TCP Connection plugin turns IO Ninja into a raw TCP terminal. It lets you connect to other network nodes, send carefully crafted packets, and analyze any replies you get.

If you're ever curious as to exactly how a certain Web server reacts to a malformed packet, you no longer need to wonder — try and see for yourself.

There are many terminals that are capable of establishing a TCP connection to a local or remote server. Fewer allow you to prepare packets before transmission. Fewer still let you do this in binary mode, with a hex-editor. But none provide log and transmit capabilities as powerful at dealing with binary data as IO Ninja.

Binary data aside, you can fully control anything about the TCP socket:

  • Local interface;
  • Local port;
  • Whether or not to use Nagle's algorithm;
  • Whether to close the connection gracefully or drop it with a TCP RST.