USB Monitor

USB Monitor

OS: Windows, Linux

The USB Monitor plugin lets you capture low-level USB interactions initiated by other applications on your PC. This could be required in numerous scenarios — from reverse-engineering vendor-specific USB protocols to developing your own USB devices and drivers.

The USB Monitor plugin currently works on Windows and Linux only. On Windows, we use USBPcap — the most popular and well-tested USB capturing engine available (it powers the USB capturing capabilities of Wireshark). On Linux, we rely on usbmon, a part of the official Linux kernel tree.

USBPcap on Windows

On Windows, the USB Monitor plugin requires the USBPcap capture driver to be installed. USBPcap is bundled with the FULL .msi installers, so if you used those — you are all set. However, if you installed IO Ninja from a CORE .msi installer or a portable .7z package, then you need to install USBPcap from its official website manually.

What makes IO Ninja's USB Monitor plugin stand out compared to many other USB sniffing solutions? First, it's the clarity and simplicity of representation — courtesy of our advanced logging engine. Instead of scattering information about USB transfers across multiple windows and panes, we provide you with a single searchable log sheet that makes USB communications very visual and easy to follow. Perfect for debugging vendor-specific USB protocols!