TX/RX Filter

TX/RX Filter

Requires: com.ioninja.layer
Status: ENABLED (all requirements are satisifed)

The TX/RX Filter plugin is a very simple filter layer — it allows excluding TX or RX data streams from the final log. This functionality comes extremely handy when local echo clutters the log view.

Originally, the plugin with this functionality was generated by the Filter Layer wizard of the IO Ninja IDE — as a skeleton for building a user-defined filter. However, since this is such a common task — and because a lot of customers were asking about how to do it with IO Ninja — we decided to include it to the list of standard plugins.

To use it, add this layer to any session, then click on the Settings button. You shall see the configuration dialog which would allow you to turn the display of TX and RX streams ON or OFF.

Please note, that as with any log filter, by default the settings are only applied to the upcoming log records. It means, that after you click Apply, the existing log will NOT get re-filtered — only the subsequent TX and RX log records will be processed by the TX/RX Filter and, depending on the settings, displayed or excluded.

If you want to re-filter the whole log, click Apply & Rebuild Log.