Introduction To Capabilities

IO Ninja offers a lot of features. It is unlikely that you as a user will utilize right off the bat everything IO Ninja has to offer. Moreover, some features that are crucial to one group of users may not be required by another group at all!

The Problem

Before, we often received e-mails from our users like the one below:

I only use the Serial Terminal of IO Ninja; do I really have to purchase a full license just for that? Can I buy the Serial Terminal only?

So we kept asking ourselves — wouldn't it be great if users could choose what they need instead of purchasing an all-in-one license and thus paying for something they might never use? Of course, the answer is a resounding YES!

However, the big question was:

How to allow users to buy only what they need in a product that is mostly open-source?

All plugins of IO Ninja are distributed as open-source scripts — moreover, we encourage our users to create ones of their own. So how to make some features FREE and some PAID when all plugins are open-source?

The Solution

The solution we chose was to introduce the so-called capabilities.

Capabilities essentially are the building blocks that are used by plugin scripts to provide their functionality.

For example, establishing TCP connections requires (free), while SSL connections require (paid). As such, users can use the TCP Terminal right away for free; to enable the SSL Terminal they need to purchase

The page of every plugin specifies which capabilities it requires, so you can always see whether or not you need to purchase any additional capabilities to enable a particular plugin.

Now you can cherry-pick capabilities that are important specifically to you and not to someone else. No need to pay for what you don't use! Take what you need, leave out what you don't, and build your own personalized IO Ninja toolbox!

Too Complicated?

If you don't feel like spending too much time thinking about which ones of the IO Ninja capabilities you need in your line of work, we've got you covered!

An alternative to cherry-picking capabilities one by one is subscribing and enabling everything at once — for as low as USD 5 per month!

Subscriptions enable all capabilities — even the ones released after you subscribed!

And what's even better, subscriptions are price-locked — you have a guarantee that the subscription price will not increase in the future as we add more features and capabilities.

Have A License?

We value our customers, so we were determined to ensure that the new capability ecosystem does not simply void existing licenses. On the other hand, there are no more licenses in IO Ninja 5, only subscriptions and capabilities! To solve this dilemma, we compensate all existing license holders with the so-called credits.

Credits can pay for subscriptions or capabilities of your choice.

We return the total price of an old IO Ninja license in the form of credits. You can re-spend it again within the new capability/subscription model — to buy capabilities or subscriptions. So essentially, this upgrade remains FREE for all old license holders.

How does it work?

If we find a license registered with your e-mail, the corresponding amount of credits will be automatically added to your account as an additional Payment Method. If you have a license but still don't see the credits, please contact the IO Ninja support.

Be sure to log in using the same e-mail as the one specified during the original purchase!

Also, it goes without saying that your old license will keep working forever with the version of IO Ninja it was issued for (i.e., IO Ninja v3.x.x).

More Info

Read more about IO Ninja capabilities, subscriptions, personal and workgroup accounts, and credits in the documentation.