Introducing IO Ninja

IO Ninja is a professional, scriptable, multi-purpose terminal emulator, network sniffer and IO monitor.

It is aimed at network security experts, system administrators, and all kinds of software/hardware/embedded developers.

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Service release IO Ninja 3.7.8 + tdevmon 3.2.3

This release contains two important BUGFIXes in tdevmon:

  • read-beyond-end-of-buffer in tdevmon for Windows

    This bug could cause occasional BSODs when monitoring named pipes with particularly long names (a big thanks to Gil Cohen from Comsec Group for the crash dumps).

  • MSI upgrade/repair/remove issues in tdevmon for Windows

    If tdevmon was used for monitoring any devices, both upgrade and repair via the MSI installer would return errors; reboot was never really requested (even when needed). Refer to this KB article for more details.

Besides these bugfixes, the new release also features:

  • Clickable fields in decoded ModBus RTU messages in the ModBus RTU Analyzer;
  • Extra keyboard compatibility options in the terminal settings;
  • Support for the alternative line-drawing character set in the terminal widget;
  • More minor BUGFIXes and improvements!

    For a full list of changes see changelog.txt which is included in all installation packages.

Download IO Ninja 3.7.8


IPv6 is slowly but steadily taking over the Internet. IO Ninja is here to help testing IPv6-connectivity of your products.

No more question marks: IO Ninja can show and send characters in any Unicode encoding.

IO Ninja is powered by our innovative programming language Jancy tailor-made for IO and UI programming.

Need a non-standard network protocol analyzer, a device emulator or an IO testing utility? IO Ninja can be programmed to do the job.

IO Ninja comes with a convenient IDE and that means it's not only possible to customize it — it's fun (if you're a nerd, that is).

IO Ninja's advanced logging engine shows massive logs in a clean, easy-to-read way. It'll gracefully display informational text messages side-by-side with binary data blocks in either hex view or plain text representations.

IO Ninja supports ANSI & X-Term terminal emulation; switch between log view and terminal console any time you want.

IO Ninja provides a powerful and elegant way of redirecting data from any transport to any other transport with Session Linking. Think Unix pipes, but better.

Write protocol analyzers or emulators, testing applications, and other utilities to extend existing sessions.

IO Ninja has excellent support for binary data transmission.

Need a low-level IO terminal tool to send binary data over TCP? Or send hex to serial port? Ninja would be the best tool for binary packets transmission.

IO Ninja is not freeware. If you keep using it, you have to purchase a license.

Unlike many shareware products, however, IO Ninja will not impose any functionality limitations during the evaluation period. We grant you the right to evaluate a fully-functional copy of IO Ninja as long as you need.