IPv6 Support

IPv6 has had a slow start and could be negletected for quite a while. But the importance of IPv6 support in your applications, drivers and devices is and will be growing. Sooner or later the support for IPv6 will simply become an absolute MUST.

To test IPv6 connectivity of your products you gonna need IPv6-enabled terminals and sniffers, and IO Ninja is here to help. You can listen on and connect to IPv6 or IPv4 addresses in all socket-based plugins of IO Ninja:

  • TCP Connection
  • TCP Listener
  • TCP Proxy
  • SSH Channel
  • UDP Socket

Remote address bar in client plugins is smart enough to distinguish between IPv4, IPv6 and host name strings, so you don't have to explicitly configure socket to be IPv4 or IPv6. Just type or paste the address and hit ENTER.