IO Ninja 5 is finally out!

Dear friends!

It has been a long time since we released an update for IO Ninja -- more than eight months! Such a delay happened because we were working hard on the new major release, IO Ninja 5. And I'm happy to announce that it's finally out!

The most significant change from the previous generation of IO Ninja is the introduction of accounts, capabilities, and subscriptions. Please read the intro on our website to learn more about our motivation for such a major change. The dedicated section of the user manual covers this new ecosystem in more detail.

The IO Ninja 5 also features two new plugins dedicated to helping web developers debug modern WebSocket-based applications. Please read more about these plugins on the respective pages: WebSocket Client and WebSocket Server.

IO Ninja 5 includes a critical update of the Device Monitor Service for Linux that enables running the Serial Monitor on modern Linux kernels. There's also a major clean-up of UI for the macOS version, critical bug fixes and optimizations in the logging engine, and plenty of other important updates and improvements.

Besides the software updates, with IO Ninja 5, we introduce a new e-store that seamlessly integrates with the main website and provides a much more smooth experience. And of course, we -- finally! -- opened this forum, just as so many of you suggested. Here, you can ask questions, share your suggestions on improving IO Ninja, and receive support -- both from the IO Ninja Team and other users.

We worked with passion and dedication to release this new version of IO Ninja. We are sure that IO Ninja will help you in your work, and you will enjoy using it!