Dark Theme

Hello everyone im very surprised how good is ioninja at handling specific job i do.
Im automation engineer and i need to be able to snoop on serial and various udp traffic and i need to create some traffic for purpouses of testing and debugging etc.

However looking at the white pane during the long nights is very tiresome for eyes and i would suggest a dark theme, and if it already exists then please help me understand how to apply it

Thank you so much for the feedback! I'm really happy to hear IO Ninja is helping you in your line of work! 🙂

There's currently no way to run IO Ninja in dark mode, though. Properly, that is -- for example, under the KDE Dark Mode IO Ninja (unintentionally) picks up the system settings -- but looks atrocious! On other platforms, we try to enforce the light mode because the "automatic" dark mode in IO Ninja is not really usable; porting and work of a designer are required. But we did receive quite a few requests for the dark mode in the past, so it's on our TODO list. We will do our best to add support for the dark mode in IO Ninja this year!

A little bit late for a follow-up, but still 🙂 Which OS are you running on? Just FYI, ioninja-5.2.0 now picks up the system-wide dark theme on macOS and Linux with KDE desktops. If you running one of those, you can try the newly added dark theme support io IO Ninja. If not, stay tuned, as we do plan to put some extra effort and allow switching IO Ninja to dark mode at the user's will.