No such file or directory (ENOENT) in Serial Monitor on Linux


Starting the Serial Monitor plugin and pressing the Capture button yields:

Session started
Cannot start capture: No such file or directory

It might seem like the error refers to the target device (the one being monitored). The user may double-check the device name, try to open it in another application to make sure it’s available, but the error in IO Ninja still persists.


Chances are that this error refers to the absence of the Tibbo Device Monitor device, and not the target device itself.


An incorrect name for the target device would yield the same error – both operations essentially result in opening a file by name and POSIX reports a bad name with the same errno code ENOENT (2).

Tibbo Device Monitor is required for operation of Serial Monitor. It is used to intercept communications between applications and Linux kernel device drivers and it consists of a loadable kernel module and a user-mode command-line configuration utility. As of now, IO Ninja packages for Linux only contain IO Ninja executable files and scripts. Since Tibbo Device Monitor is not included in IO Ninja package, most likely, it’s simply not installed.


To remedy the problem, you need to install Tibbo Device Monitor. For detailed instructions, please refer to the following KB article:

Installation of Tibbo Device Monitor on Linux