Modbus Packet Templates

This section describes the pre-built packet templates for Modbus which can be directly used inside the binary transmit pane.

import "Modbus.jnc"

// structs

struct ModbusRtuReadFrame;
struct ModbusRtuReadWriteMultipleFrame;
struct ModbusRtuWriteFrame;
struct ModbusRtuWriteMultipleFrame;
struct ModbusTcpReadFrame;
struct ModbusTcpReadWriteMultipleFrame;
struct ModbusTcpWriteFrame;
struct ModbusTcpWriteMultipleFrame;

// global functions

void updateModbusRtuChecksum(void* p);
void initializeModbusTcpAdu(io.ModbusTcpAduHdr* adu);
void updateModbusTcpLength(void* p);